Friday, January 18, 2019

Can we pretend that my last post was November 2018 instead of Novemeber 2017?? That would be great. Thanks. 

So I've decided that since I have so much spare time on my hands that maybe I would attempt to document a few moments in my heavenly daily life that might bring you (the two people that read this blog) joy. Or at least make you feel more successful about adulting. I am trying, but man, adulting is dang hard.

Also, this life really & truly is pretty fabulous & I can almost literally see these babies (my youngest is 3, can I still call them babies?!) getting older by the day. As much as I'd love to freeze time, I can't. But I can make some pretty great memories with them.

So my middle is in to costumes. Like, REALLY in to costumes. And while I would have never let my oldest leave the house not looking Baby Gap adorable when she was tiny, I've embraced Spencer's love of costumes & let him be whatever character/super hero/real life person he's wanting to be at the moment.

He's gone to the dentist as Hulk, met friends at Rosa's as The Man In Black from The Princess Bride (I was actually really proud that he appreciated an 80s classic as much as me), attended preschool dressed as a scientist/robot maker, & today I went to the doctor with a fully-armed ninja. 

This guy. I mean, he's closing in on the big S-I-X & yet he isn't embarrassed in the least to wear his sister's high-water leggings in public. I feel like we could all learn just a little bit from his imagination & his lack of self-consciousness.

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We didn't end up with a full dozen unbroken eggs, but they had fun!