Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spencer is 4

My boy, this middle child of ours, has a giant, wild heart. He loves big and plays hard. He is all boy & constantly climbing, running, jumping & throwing. His new favorite physical activity is riding his bike. He has a little dirt bike with training wheels & he is quite fantastic on it. He rides fast & loves to go down our sloped driveway at max speed. There have been plenty of crashes, but thankfully nothing serious. He's gotten good at swinging & hitting a ball off a tee as well. And the sound he is often making while doing these activities is "Yahrr!" I think it's like a roar. When he's not going 100 mph, he's playing with his legos or cars. His current favorite characters are Miles from Tomorrowland, Hiro from Big Hero 6, Spiderman & Ironman. He has lots of costumes and is obsessed with dressing up. It's pretty much the cutest. He loves being read to & is always asking to "watch some show" (tv). Because he does everything so hard, it's no surprise that he loves so fiercely. He loves his grandparents, aunts & uncles, school friends & is crazy about his cousins. But he can't get enough of Team Shaw. He misses his daddy & sister as soon as they walk out the door in the morning & misses mommy & Slade when he goes to YCW. He tells us all how much he missed us when he sees us again. He's always telling us that "You're the best mommy/daddy/sister ever!" & is always wanting to give hugs & kisses. He's been doing speech weekly for a year now & is getting so much better! While it's hard to watch him have to work so hard at something that comes easy for some, I can see the perseverance developing in him at a young age & that makes us so proud. He's gotten good at saying his name & loves introducing himself to people. He can also say his ABCs. He's our prayer of the group & never waits to be asked to pray at meal times. If someone else wants the honors, they are probably too late. He's a great eater & doesn't complain about the healthy meals he gets to eat : ) But if he had it his way, it would be pizza, carrots & chocolate milk for every meal. He is 42 inches tall (which means he can ride new rides at NRH2O this summer!) & 39 pounds. And we love every single pound!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Monster Trucks

This is the second year that Brandon & Adam have taken the boys to see Monster Trucks. It has fallen the week of Spencer's bday both year & so he thinks it's for his bday : ) I love this sweet tradition & the guy time & memories that are made!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017

Slade's ONEderland

 It actually snowed the day before his bday party & we were a little afraid that we were going to have to call the party off! But the party day turned out beautifully & there was only snow inside : )

 The kiddos made their own snowmen out of playdough.

 And played pin-the-nose-on-the-snowman.
 Lots of cute little snowmen showed up to celebrate!

 Cupcake time!

 Loved celebrating our sweet ONE year old!